What We Do


We have identified many Orphanages which are being run very efficiently but not able to provide everything they want to, due to paucity of funds. We would like to support as many orphanages as possible and as an initial stage we want to include at least 10 orphanages which cater to at least 1000 children. We started an endowment of One Crore rupees which will feed these 1000 children for at least one month every year. We need to do it for the full year. Please donate generously and celebrate your special days with these children for as little as $50.For more information Click Here


We see many deserving so called forward caste students who are intelligent but not able to continue their higher studies. We are giving scholarships to these students to make them intelligent and productive citizens of the country. Each scholarship would be approx. $250 per student per year. A recipient of this scholarship will be assigned to a donor for monitoring their progress by the donor.For more information Click Here

Eye Camps

Operation Envision has been one of the most successful projects of TANA Foundation. We have helped sponsor more than 500 eye camps in various parts of Andhra Pradesh and more than 35000 people are living a better productive life due to these camps. This project probably gives instant results to the donation given by a donor by transforming the life through a cataract surgery. An eye camp can be sponsored with an initial donation of $600 which would transform lives of at least 50 people. Give the gift of eyesight and enjoy the thrill of doing so.For more information Click Here

Cancer Camps

We have now started to sponsor cancer camps with the help of BasavaTharakam Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad. For about $1500 a cancer camp can be conducted in the sponsor’s chosen village/city. Sponsor will have to arrange for the publicity, place where the camp can be conducted and some accommodation to the visiting team.Of the two camps conducted till now, almost 20 ladies were diagnosed with breast cancer and probably would not have survived if not for these camps.To view cancer campaign updated statistics

Cleft Lip

For $300 you can change the face of a child forever and put a beautiful smile. Cleft lip and unusual growth in the mouth and throat severely effect children with these deformities. Moreover these happen in remote areas among poor people due probably of nutritional deficiencies. This project has been just taken up and every year 25 surgeries have been sponsored by donors & supported by Smilecare foundation,Visakapatnam. It takes the hospital crew to convince the parents of these affected children to come to the hospital for a free surgery as they are scared of the costs and after effects of the surgery.


TANA Foundation with the help of BREAD society has been establishing libraries in Government schools. For about $500 a library can be established which is administered by a teacher of the school. There has been a 75% success rate of utilization of these libraries. BREAD society regularly inspects these libraries and is starting to give prizes for students who use the libraries and submit write ups on the books they read. This is one project that everyone should consider sponsoring for their alma mater.

Funeral Shelters

We see funeral homes, cemeteries in this part of the world in a pleasant environment as sending of a loved one in a most respectful manner is considered very important. Unfortunately in many parts of our state in India the cemeteries/graveyards are used for every other purpose other than for cremation. As a result it becomes a necessity to clean the trash before a cremation can be done. If it rains, then it becomes difficult to do that also. Building a funeral shelter to help in this process with basic amenities costs about $5000. This must be considered by everyone to do for their village. TANA Foundation can guide you in the process and this is a donor sponsored project Enjoy the thrill of giving and make a difference in a less fortunate person’s life. Become role models for your children. TANA Foundation is looking for more volunteers to get involved and help the less fortunate. For more information on foundation activities or if you wish to volunteer please send an email to the Chairman of the Foundation at foundation-chair@tana.org.

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”